Soniya Profile

"Life journey of Soniya"

I am Soniya. Just a simple background that I want to share. My experiences of life may not have been very glamorous but they carved me to be a person who I'm today. I have come from a very basic family and due to financial struggles I could not continue my studies further high school. I had to grow up before age to support myself and family. My share of experiences are no different than others because we all go through different struggles and only through those experiences we become what we are today and shape our future accordingly. Starting work at early age was not easy as I was still learning to deal with the humongous world however I had no choice. I always had my inner voices following me and bothering me. I was all along running away from myself. Life has been kind to me and gave me chance to experienced various emotions in all forms and allow me to grow as a person. Like others my learning will continue by each passing day through lessons of my life and of those who radiates in my energy orbit. Throughout these years of meeting and learning nature filled my heart with understanding. For me every being started getting unique and special and the urge to help people was always there just didn't know what and how to do it.

"Life is a journey of Experiences”

I moved to UK over a decade back while as I am born in India. I reinvented myself when I enrolled in a course of Ayurveda (Science of Life) in London in 2007 which ultimately led me to energy healing. It also led me to study different modalities of healing such as Crystal Healing, Subtle Energy Medicine and Dominic Method of Bio Energy Healing Therapy. Whilst studying this integrated subject I developed a curiosity to learn how human mind works and "Why we do what we do". My thirst was so strong that it was not letting me rest hence I studied Neuron Linguistic Programming. I am now a Master Practitioner of NLP which allows me to integrate my holistic studies with science behind our emotions and mind. I love to explore new dimensions of human energy so I love studying Meta Physics. I keep evolving with my work and the quest to learn more so to balance it out I need to calm my mind and learnt Meditation in London and am now a Certified Meditation Teacher. B.Sc. in Energy Medicine gave me the biggest exposure which I have got regarding subtle energy it allowed me deepen my knowledge.

After learning varied healing modalities and attending numerous workshops and seminars I have come to a realization that "Life is a vortex of Energy". Everything and everybody is surrounded with this matrix of energy, vibrating at different frequencies and no matter how much one may want to deny the oneness with each other it is impossible, because we are a part to the universal energetic vortex and energetically connected. I am now aware that this path was always home to me and I enjoyed facilitating healing journey that brings consciousness and acceptance to the complexity and diversity in each of us. My main objective is to always heal the Whole Being. Whole being includes mind, body, emotions and spirit as everything is inter-related, inter-dependant and united.