Crystal Healing


Crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which are received and recognised via the body’s neurological system. Conscious recognition of the energy exchange is not always apparent as it can be quite subtle.

Different types of Crystals

There are different types of crystals. Each crystal has its own unique signature of energy, for example tiger’s eye will promote feelings of confidence, courage, pride, success and combat any negative sensations regarding the strengths which may be causing imbalance or restriction within the mental or emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Following are different types of crystals normally used for healing purpose.

Black Agate


Red Agate




Rainbow Quartz





Red Aventurine




What is crystal healing

Crystal Healing is an old practice also called as precious stone mending or gem treatment. Gems have been utilized for centuries for physical, enthusiastic feeling, and are otherworldly recuperating.

Precious stone mending or gem treatment is an all-encompassing treatment including the position of gems or gemstones close by the body. Precious stones can be worn, can drift or be cleared over the body, can be put around the room, or strategies, for example, gem pendulum mending and gem wand recuperating can be used.

Crystals are placed on the body and surrounding area to create a wonderful sense of calm, stillness and wellbeing in a relaxed and caring environment.

Sensations such as tingling, temperature changes can sometimes be felt as the body gently realigns itself. Crystal healing is non-invasive and extremely relaxing.

Precious stone recuperating is regularly utilized as a part of conjunction with chakra Healing. It concentrates on particular chakra related focuses of the body. Precious stone healers trust that gems have recuperating vitality and that distinctive sorts of gems serve to cure different diseases and disorders.

Some spiritual life mentors might be knowledgeable about this training and ought to have the capacity to enable you to discover peace and adjust with your own precious stone accumulation.

How crystal healing works

Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony.

During this state of equilibrium, inner harmony, the body has the perfect conditions to naturally heal itself, producing healthy re- growth of tissue and cells.

Crystals have the capacity to preserve and emit vibrations. Crystals affect our electro-magnetic fields or diffused bodies which spreads throughout the body.

If you recognise what impact every form of crystal has in step with its collaboration, shape and mineral content material, then you may employ them to provoke a particular impact on the energy stability of chakras, meridians, power, organs and emotions.

Precious stone mending utilizes these recuperating vibrations to communicate with the body's vitality framework, evacuate blockages, re-establish harmony, and invigorate the body's common mending capacities.

The precious stone advisor deliberately chooses a gem which reverberates at a specific recurrence, giving it its recuperating power. The chose precious stone is then put on or close extraordinary zones of the body in a network like design to animate vitality. So as well, precious stone hues might be related with the shades of various vitality focuses on the body.

Advantages/Benefits of crystal healing

RED: Crystals stimulate, spark off and energise. They are associated with ones potential to apply each day realistic abilities and physical survival talents, and with motion, motivation and safety.

PINK: Crystals have a gentle and subtle manner of pushing things closer to a decision.

ORANGE: Orange crystals combine energizing and focusing features, permitting innovative and creative competencies to flourish. Carnelian is one of the greater popular orange stones, and is characterized by using a experience of warmth.

YELLOW: Yellow crystals relate to the functioning of the fearful, digestive and immune structures of the body. Stress fear and, happiness a contentment are all to this coloration. Amber has a useful effect at the nervous gadget and self-recovery strategies.

Diseases that can be dealt using crystal healing


Panic Attacks

Stress Relief

Pain Management

Digestive Disorders

Stiff Joints

Relief to Cancer Sufferers

Cerebral Pains

Dozing Difficulties


Bad Dreams


Absence of Vitality

Vitality blockages


Passionate Highs and Lows

Negative Perspective

Crystals for Healing Sexually Diseases Safely:

Black Agate


Red Agate