Subtle Energy Medicines

Before changes are registered in the physical body, healing takes place on these subtle realms. For this reason, as healers, it is essential that we concern ourselves not only with the physical form, but with the subtle anatomy as well."

One cosmology for conceptualizing our subtle anatomy is to envision it as a type of double helix.

Neither linear nor circular, the force fields of these subtle planes, or "Bodies" interpenetrate holographically, while simultaneously affecting and reflecting each other.

Health is the balance between the physical body, the force fields of the Etheric, Astral and Mental bodies and their connection to the Divine. Comprised of our blood, bones, organs etc. the physical body is dense and tangible, but no less spiritual.

Nourish the Etheric body by providing it with food that is enlivened with,

  • Electro-magnetic energy
  • Clean air
  • Good water
  • Sunlight
  • Positive thoughts
  • Loving feelings

Minerals and more importantly rare trace minerals are assimilated through the energy of the life force of the food. It is important to eat food that is imbibed with energy for good nourishment.

Simply stated, our Astral body is connected to the stars. It is for this reason that astrological configurations can so powerfully impact our emotional lives.

The emanation of the Mental body is not the act of thinking, but rather the way that we think. It is connected to the liver and the element of fire. Because of this relationship, liver cleansing is an important procedure for developing a healthy centre of egoic consciousness or will.

Our modern world is filled with contaminants and pollutants that affect us at every level.

Bacteria, parasites, viruses, heavy metals, chemical poisons, drugs, congest and interfere with these bodies.

Struggle, fear, worry, anger, and selfishness all pollute the free flow of vital energy through our subtle anatomy as well.

This inner and outer pollution create blockages in our electromagnetic field, producing shock, congestion, and inflammation.

Each cell is a macrocosm of our subtle anatomy. Pollution, such as heavy metals and radiation affect the acid/alkaline balance at the cell level. It can cause the cell to be either too alkaline or too acidic.

Heavy Metals, chemicals and poisons are in the alkaline field and cause the cell to lose its electric charge.

On the other hand, radiations from X-Ray, underground uranium, computer and electric power lines can create a high acid field manifesting in the form of inflammation

Therapeutic Baths and dietary regimens can be used to cleanse and neutralize many pollutants.

Yogic Practices such as panic breathing, meditation, and mantra are also effective in strengthening the electro-magnetic etheric web.

That little tickle in the throat, the rash that won’t go away, changes in bowel movement and urine are all signals that the person is out of balance

Subtle Energy can be perceived through the higher human super-sensitive qualities described in yoga. The sensitivity of measuring radiance or vibration is the Art of Healing.

Diseases can be healed by Subtle Energy Healing

There exists an undetectable world inside the obvious/visible. In the body, before changes are enrolled on the physical level, recuperating/healing happens in these subtle energy domains. Therefore, it is basic that we concern ourselves with the physical shape as well as with the unobtrusive life structures.

Health is the adjust among the accompanying: the physical body; the power fields of the etheric, astral, and mental bodies; and their association with the Divine. Made out of our blood, bones, organs, and so on., the physical body is thick and substantial, yet in addition otherworldly.

Astral and Mental Bodies:

The astral, or enthusiastic, body is personally identified with both planetary and interplanetary energies and arrangements. Basically expressed, our astral body is associated with the stars. It is hence that visionary arrangements would so be able to capably influence our passionate lives. Associated with the kidneys, and the component of water, the feelings of delight, pain, dread/fear, and love are altogether enlisted in this body.

The mental body is associated with our spiritual will. It is through this vehicle that we convey our inner self personality(Ego) and the feeling of "I" that is regularly advancing through the procedure of incarnation. The spread of the mental body isn't the demonstration of considering yet rather the way that we think. It is associated with the liver and the component of flame. As a result of this relationship, liver purging is a vital strategy for building up a sound focal point of sense of self cognizance or will.

Energy Evaluation: To comprehend/understand where healing is required, an arrangement of energy assessment is basic for measuring imperativeness/vitality, brilliance, and imbalance characters in a man's subtle anatomy. Subtle energy can be seen through the higher human supersensitive qualities portrayed in yoga. The affectability of measuring brilliance or vibration is the specialty of healing. All treatments can work, yet just if utilized at the ideal time and with the correct expectation. As healers, it is imperative to tune in and remain nonpartisan while we stir the patient's own key power to enable the body to recuperate itself as per general law.